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To The Max

24th February, 2021

The Isuzu D-MAX has come a long way since its inaugural launch in 2002, in styling, capabilities, features and popularity. In the last financial year, Isuzu sold nearly 5,000 of their commercial and recreational ute offering across Australia. The outgoing model, which has earned a strong following in the 4x4 fraternity, served a considerable eight years in the market and its departure marks the end of a long relationship with General Motors/Holden.... Continue Reading


19th November, 2020

ARB’s engineering team were tasked with designing a bar that would complement the styling cues of the Raptor, while also applying the practical requirements of vehicle protection. Concluding that this vehicle warranted a new-look bar from our standard range, a sleeker, modern design was created. After months of R&D, we now have the release of the ARB Bumper Replacement bar. A stealthy, textured-black Bumper Replacement bar follows the lines to blend with the overall vehicle while offering a significant increase in frontal protection.... Continue Reading

OME releases 4×2 Suspension Range

29th October, 2020

For over 40 years, the team at Old Man Emu (OME) have been constantly innovating to ensure we lead the market with the best suspension kits for a wide range of vehicles, and importantly, always listening, learning and evolving our products based on customer feedback. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that our Old Man Emu team have developed a unique range of suspension kits designed specifically to suit popular 4x2 SUV and pick-up models!... Continue Reading

Controlling Arm

19th May, 2020

Old Man Emu is pleased to release front upper control arms for a range of popular 4WDs. When an IFS (independent front suspension) the vehicle is fitted with a suspension lift, the original caster and camber results can be pushed outside the factory adjustment settings. IFS vehicles generally have a few degrees of adjustment in their camber and caster from the factory. Adding an OME upper control arm brings the alignment cams back into an acceptable range for both caster and camber adjustment.... Continue Reading

ARB launches latest recovery accessory: meet Jack

15th August, 2018

No good story ended with ‘nothing went wrong along the way’. A story worth telling is often the result of the misfortunes that happen on the journey. Being prepared for when things go wrong is vital to any off-road adventure, and being prepared starts with recovery equipment. With innovation at the forefront of its business […]... Continue Reading