ARB Differential Breather Kit

When drivetrain assemblies such as your vehicle’s differentials, gearbox and transfer case heat up under normal operation, the air inside expands and increases pressure. To vent this additional pressure, most factory differentials have a one-way valve mounted to either the assembly itself, or on a short extension tube close by. Unfortunately, when the drivetrain assembly cools down, the air inside contracts, creating a vacuum. When cooling occurs during a water crossing, these one-way valves can draw water into the system, potentially causing expensive damage. The ARB Differential Breather Kit is designed to provide a high-flow, zero back pressure, zero vacuum breather system to keep your drivetrain free of water. This is achieved with a central high-flow air filter and manifold that will allow up to four drivetrain assemblies to be vented to one central location, positioned high enough to avoid water during crossings.

Air Locker Tools

adjuster nut pliers

For correct pre-loading of an adjuster nut type differential, these adjuster nut pliers have been designed specifically to easily and safely accommodate the full ARB Air Locker® range of adjuster nuts and most original equipment types.

shim driver

For installing and servicing common shim pre-loaded differentials, the shim driver is designed to evenly distribute the installation force around the outside edge of a differential shim as it is tapped into place, allowing thinner shims to be inserted into tighter places than would otherwise be possible.

Differential Spreader

To achieve the required carrier bearing pre-load during set up, the differential spreader has been designed to be quickly and easily used with most shim adjusted automotive differentials. It allows the housing to be stretched in a safe and controlled way, reducing the risk of damage.

Bearing Puller Kit

The bearing puller kit offers a unique way of removing a differential carrier bearing, which allows easy removal of the original bearings with less chance of damage

Test Gauge

This product provides an easy and effective way to determine the supply pressure and/or to detect a loss of pressure in the air system of the ARB Air Locker® or the air compressor.