An ARB Air Locker® is Born

Ever wondered how a genuine ARB Air Locker® is manufactured? Wonder no more as we put you inside the machines that make the world’s best 4×4 traction aid, right here at our global headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.


Competition Use

Of the many ARB products seen in off-road competition, it’s the one you can’t see that makes the difference. ARB Air Lockers® continue to dominate the world’s toughest off-road events. Used by some of the biggest names in off-road competition, Air Lockers® are just as at home plugging through mud or scaling near-vertical rock ledges as they are on your daily pick-up. Competition drivers stake their reputations on quality and reliability. If they can trust Air Lockers® to get them across the finish line then you can be sure they’ll survive anything you throw at them off-road.


Air Locker Destruction Test

In order to continually improve the product, our engineers are constantly trying to break Air Lockers®. We even built a specialized test rig to allow us to place torques on the Air Locker® far in excess of what’s possible in the field. In this static torque failure test, we used a high performance Dana 44, 33 spline diff with the best axle shaft we could get our hands on to put the Air Locker® to the ultimate test.