Old Man Emu 4x2 Suspension: Street Edition

For over 40 years, the team at Old Man Emu have been constantly innovating to ensure we lead the market with the best suspension kits for a wide range of vehicles, and importantly, always listening to what our customers want. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that we have now developed a range of unique suspension kits designed specifically to suit 4×2 model vehicles!

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  • Better ride quality and increased performance, more comfortable both on and off road and ready to tackle potholes and gravel tracks
  • Better ride control, giving an increase in safety and more confidence in your vehicle
  • Large network of ARB/OME dealers and technical support experts
  • Backed by a comprehensive 3 year, unlimited km warranty
  • Pre-assembled coilover for an easier, faster install (including top hat and bolts)
  • All components selected for 4×2 application by the Old Man Emu team, specifically for each individual vehicle model
  • Proven durability – our products have been designed to handle offroad situations, so you know they’ll go the distance



Vehicle Specific Bushings

High-quality, vehicle specific bushing manufactured from polyurethane and rubber materials for extended life.

Vehicle Specific Bushings

High-quality, vehicle specific bushing manufactured from polyurethane and rubber materials for extended life.

Dirt Shield

Impact resistant, polyamide dirt shield provides additional protection from stone chips and off-road debris.

Piston Rod

Super strong 18mm induction hardened chrome piston rod is engineered to handle rigours of heavy loads and tough 4x4 touring.

Triple Lip Oil Seal

Large, durable seal incorporates a gas retention check valve design to virtually eliminate contaminant damage while providing outstanding gas and oil retention.

Slip Ring

Teflon infused bronze slip ring ensures a more consistent and uniform damping performance by providing better control of oil flow between the rod and rod guide.

Rod Guide

Large, low friction Teflon impregnated bronze bushing for long lasting durability.

Nitrogen Gas

Increases the temperature operating range and improves oil flow through the valving, ensuring optimum performance.

High-Flow Piston

Free flowing design reduces aeration and high oil temperature, extending shock absorber performance under harsh conditions.

Dual-Stack Deflective Disc Technology

Durable rebound and compression multi-deflective disc stacking on either side of the free flowing piston allows infinite tuning options.

High-Quality Oil

Petroleum based, high performance formula designed to resist fade and aeration for improved durability and shock absorber performance.

Heavy Gauge Reserve Tube

Heavy gauge (1.6mm) steel reserve tube is 23% more effective than common 1.3mm wall tubing to protect internal components from stone damage.

Multi-Disc Compression Valving

Six valving discs allow greater valving options for maximum ride and handling performance.



Vehicle Applications

Vehicle Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What other 4x2 models will be available?

    ARB regularly monitors the demand in the local market and releases new 4×2 model options accordingly. If you have an enquiry about a 4×2 model not listed on the website, please contact ARB Thailand.

  • My 4x2 vehicle is just a city family car, do I need the Old Man Emu suspension kit?

    Old Man Emu Street Edition is a culmination of the many years of design, development and testing in the off-road 4×4 scene now taken to the streets. The kits offer increased performance (over OE) in vehicle stability/handling during cornering, providing a greater sense of safety and instilling driver confidence. All this whilst maintaining a supple ride quality for those unexpected road bumps/potholes, or even unsealed road.

  • What is the difference between OME 4x2 & 4x4 suspension?

    Both systems from ARB Old Man Emu utilise the same high quality materials and manufacturing processes backed by the same 3 Year, Unlimited KM warranty. Where the 4×2 (Street Edition) kits differ is the lift height, ride quality, and payload that we found many owners of these vehicles were seeking. Contact your nearest 4×2 Dealer to learn more about which kit will suit your application.