While you’re sitting comfortably in your car seat, one of the many off road ironies we forget to consider while on the tracks is the seat itself having to stand up to a tremendous amount of abuse.

Whether it be muddy boots or clothes, spilt drinks, kids snacking in the backseat, wet swimsuits, wet and slobbering pets, seat friction or harsh sunlight, these all have the potential to ruin and wear out your great looking seats. Luckily, ARB has you covered.


Designed with ruggedness in mind, ARB’s Seat Skin covers hug beautifully to your vehicle’s seats – while providing the same level of safety and comfort with inbuilt airbag stitching for rapid deployment in emergencies. Incorporating the popular topographic ARB print with highlight red stitching, these seat covers create a sleek look inside your 4×4.

Made from a thick 3mm premium thermoset elastomer fabric, ARB’s Seat Skin covers provide an excellent and firm fit to keep overtime sagging to a minimal, and preventing damage to the OE seats.

Independently airbag tested and certified, these seat covers utilise a high-quality stitch pattern from specialised Japanese sewing machines, providing a safe deployment of the SRS airbags.



  • Easy and simple to install
  • Tailored for a vehicle specific fit
  • Water resistant and easy to clean
  • Rubber bonded back to prevent movement in use
  • Breathable for added comfort
  • UV protected – treated to 50UPF rating
  • 220gsm density material
  • Flame resistant – will not ignite when in contact with flame
  • Front seats include map pocket and personal pocket on front
  • Available for front, rear, and third-row seats
  • Large product range to fit most current popular four-wheel drives
  • Airbag tested in Melbourne to Australian requirements